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How to Prepare Your Heater for the Winter Cold

Furnace Inspection

The effectiveness of your HVAC unit goes beyond just the size and power of your system. With any home services infrastructure, you need to nurture and maintain it with good habits. As we approach the winter season, we want to give you some tools so you can increase the lifespan of your HVAC systems by reducing wear and tear, while also boosting your energy efficiency thus reducing your utility bills.

Weatherstripping and Weatherproofing

Retaining the heat within your home is so vital for keeping your efficiency up. Weatherstripping and insulation are a great way to do just that. Weatherstripping targets specific areas that are prone to heat loss like under your door and around your windows. Sealing these cracks can do so much help because these are the areas closest to the cold outside air.

No matter how good your heater system is you will have trouble if you live in a drafty house. There are a variety of different weatherstripping options that can insulate these problem areas. For windows, caulking up any cracks is a great start. Beyond that, a weatherstrip underneath your door is a must.

Seal Your Windows

You can seal your windows with an insulation film. This adhesive plastic wrap sticks to the window and gives it that little bit of extra insulation. Additionally, you can use weatherstripping tape which uses a similar strategy. Either way, these lost-cost options will end up saving you much more than the small amount of money these tapes cost.

Consider Investing in Double or Triple-paned Windows

If you want to make a more permanent investment in your home, so that you don’t have to buy and install insulation every single winter, consider changing over your windows to double or triple-paned windows. While this is common across the northern states, there are still many homes that don’t have this great energy saver.

Rugs and Drapes

It may sound simple, but just like you need winter clothes to keep your body warm, you may want to add winter rugs or drapes to keep your home warm. Heavy drapes have the double bonus of blocking sunlight while also keeping heat from escaping. For rugs, these are perfect for hardwood and tile flooring which can naturally lose heat quickly.


Ultimately, the best way to retain heat is with high-quality insulation. While other solutions address certain problem areas or only work during winter, a well-insulated basement or attic can do so much more. It’s important to inspect your insulation whenever you can. One small leak could make it the perfect fuel for mold to grow, which could completely ruin your insulation and cause indoor air quality problems to boot.

Inspect Your Furnace Now

This last one is important because you’ll start relying on your furnace a lot more in the near future. A lot of simple problems with your furnace can be spotted by the average homeowner. Things like debris on the outside of the unit can be easily cleared away. Obvious signs that something is wrong include soot presence particularly at connections. Little things like this can go a long way and can make you feel a bit more ready to call a pro to comes take a look.

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