How To Stay Warm Without Heat

Child staying warm with blanket

During the cold and harsh days of winter, we’re all focused on one thing: staying warm!

We cozy up in our homes and try to keep the bitter air out while turning up the thermostat to get comfortable. Well, as most homeowners have come to find, turning up the thermostat every day can become extremely costly by the end of the month.

We’re all looking for ways to save money wherever we can. Our heating professionals realize this and know that there are still ways to stay warm without using heat. 

Here are tips on how to stay warm at home without a heater:

Use Warmer Clothing

Fall and winter are all about getting cozy! It’s time to pull out the big sweaters and fuzzy socks and bundle up around the home. By wearing warmer clothes, you’ll be able to stay comfortable while the thermostat is turned down a few extra degrees.

If socks and sweatpants aren’t enough for you, pile on the blankets. You can even purchase an electric blanket to keep you toasty and warm during movie nights. Just be sure to unplug the blanket after use and never leave it unattended.

Re-Seal Cracks

With the amount you’re paying for heating your home, you want to be sure all that heat stays inside. To avoid heat loss and wasted energy and money, search for any drafty areas in the home. Seal any cracks you find with some hardware store sealant, ensuring you get around the doors and windows. This can be done in the afternoon and will last all winter long.

Seal Windows and Doors

Speaking of windows and doors, there are additional ways to keep the cold from coming and going through them. A large amount of heat is lost through windows. You can combat this by installing heavy drapes, providing an extra layer of protection. You can also purchase a door draft stopper that covers the crack beneath the door and stops air from flowing in or out.

Use the Oven

The season of fruit and other summer salads are behind us and the family is ready for food that will warm you up from the inside. The radiating heat from using your oven and stove to cook will help warm up your home a bit. This also gives you another excuse to bake all the pies and cookies you want! Once the food is ready, leave the oven door open as it cools back down to allow the final moments of warm air to escape into your kitchen.

Leverage Your Ceiling Fans for Heat

We know it may sound crazy to use your ceiling fans on some of the coldest days of the year but trust us. Warm air rises to the top of a room, making the top few feet the warmest part of the room. In order to bring some of that warm air back down to where you can enjoy it, switch the direction of your ceiling fan clockwise. This will help push the warmth back down and make the room more comfortable.

Close Windows Properly

One of the first things you can do to stay warm without heat is to ensure that all windows are properly closed. Doing this alone can help prevent a cold breeze from entering your home. When checking windows, you should also check to make sure there isn't any significant damage. If so, you may want to consider replacing your windows with some that will help block off any cold air from entering your home.

Buy Carpet

Using carpets and rugs help warm up your home significantly. Wood floors tend to be cold and harder. If you have a wooden floor, you can still purchase individual carpet pieces and place them throughout your home to help all rooms stay warmer.

Check Your Vents

A lot of times, homeowners will unknowingly block a vent with pieces of furniture or curtains. This restricts airflow, stops a room from being heated properly, and can be a fire hazard. Take a look at the vents throughout your home and if needed, do some furniture arranging before the start of the heating season.

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